History of Jackie Parker Recreation Area

5210 – 44 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.

This 61 acre site was designated as an open space District Level Park resource by the City of Edmonton, to be developed to serve the broader outdoor recreation needs of the Mill Woods / Meadows Communities.

In the early 1990's the City of Edmonton started the development of the Park with construction of the Storm water Lake, grading and seeding and identification signage. ($385,000)

1991 - The Mill Woods Presidents' Council formed a sub committee, Jackie Parker Recreation Area Advisory Committee, to work with the City of Edmonton to develop a program statement for the Park, a conceptual plan and relative costs for development. The Mill Woods Presidents' Council was responsible for funding of this process. ($15,000)

1993 - The sub committee then contacted the Mill Woods Cultural and Recreation Facilities Association (MCARFA) to continue the work that the Mill Woods Presidents' Council had initiated. The first project MCARFA undertook in the park was the development of the North Parking Lot. ($110,000)

1995 - MCARFA and the City of Edmonton joined together to install lighting in the North Parking lot and around the lake. ($52,235)

1996 - MCARFA (operators of the Mill Woods Golf Course) were lining the entrance of the golf course roadway with Elm Trees, and received acceptance from the City to continue the trees to the entrance on 50 Street. ($10,000)

1996 - MCARFA took on the project of building a roadway and parking lot into the south area of the park, construction of picnic pads with tables, bbq stands, garbage receptacles and landscaping, benches around the lake and community firepits. ($650,716)

1999 – MCARFA purchases more site furniture and trees for the picnic areas ($14,500) MCARFA hired Brimsmead Ziola Architects to provide the plans for the construction of The Pavilion.

2000 – The City of Edmonton brings the utilities in from 50 Street to the area that the Pavilion would be constructed on. ($150,000)

2000 - MCARFA starts construction of the Pavilion, with Chandos Construction Ltd. being awarded the contract for building and Andre Schwabenbauer receiving the landscaping contract ($964,756)

2007 - The Edmonton Mill Woods Lions Club approaches MCARFA to work together to develop a spray playground at the Park. Woodvale Community League also joins the committee to help develop the playgrounds. Economic turndown in Alberta slowed the funding development of this project.

2009 - 2011 – MCARFA, Edmonton Mill Woods Lions Club, Woodvale Community League, The City of Edmonton, The Province of Alberta and The Government of Canada all joined together to build the Playgrounds at Jackie Parker Park. Aspen Pride Construction Ltd. was awarded the general contract for the Playgrounds. Playground equipment supplied by both Playworks and Park n Play. Landscaping of the Park was provided by Economy Landscape Ltd., the City of Edmonton and Aspen Pride Construction Ltd. ($4,100,000).